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Backorder: All ammunition is currently on backorder. We are experiencing higher than normal volume. We currently are expecting orders to ship in 4-6 weeks from the time they are placed. Thank you for understanding.
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Questions To Ask Before You Buy Ammunition

Questions To Ask Before You Buy Ammunition
July 9, 2012 John
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For many people finding a high quality ammunition supplier is a real benefit. This saves having to constantly go through the rigors of finding a reputable dealer each time they need to make an ammunition purchase. Once you have a dealer you have done business with you can buy with confidence that the product you receive will be top of the line ammunition.
Asking a few questions to really get to know the ammunition dealer is a good idea before you make a purchase.
Basic questions to cover include:
1. Are you licensed and insured?
Not all people selling ammunition, particularly online, at your local gun show, etc are licensed and insured.  The ATF requires the license and the only person requiring insurance should be you (the buyer). Purchasing from a licensed and insured dealer provides a high level of quality assurance that isn’t available if you are buying from a private individual without these requirements in place. It is somewhat an easy process to obtain the correct license issued by the ATF but if you really want to know if the manufacturer is serious about his profession and takes all steps needed, ask to see their insurance policy before you buy. Insuring ammunition does not come cheap, it is quite expensive to do and most of your weekend warriors trying to sell you ammo, cannot afford it and they want you to take the RISK for them. What if something goes wrong with the ammo you purchased, can they afford to replace your gun or pay the hospital bills? The answer is NO. Please check to ensure they have a full coverage policy for Product Liability from a reputable company. Here at Good To Go Ammo, we carry a 2 million dollar policy.
2. What types/brands of ammunition do you sell?
Knowing the brands and types of ammunition a company sells can be very helpful if you have more than one firearm that you use. Having the ability to buy all your ammunition from one dealer is a real plus. You may want to set up standing orders if you routinely target practice, hunt or use the range.
Working with the same company that sells ammunition also allows you to get to know the staff. This is true even if you are buying online. This may provide opportunities to get in on deals or to even try out their own brand of ammunition. Often these brands are crafted with care and detail that is not seen in the mass produced types of ammunition.
3. What are your sales and return policies?
Chances are you will never have to return ammunition if you are working with a reputable company. However, it is still a good idea to ask about the return policy, particularly if this is your first purchase. Most companies will have that information clearly listed on their webpage.
Some companies will not accept returns, others require you to pay the return shipping while others cover the full cost of shipping and return shipping in the refund.
Purchase methods for ammunition usually range from credit and debit cards to phoning in orders and sending in a check or money order. In some cases if you are buying for a large organization such as a police force or shooting club or range you may also be able to order at a discounted price for large volume purchases.
4. What ammunition is kept in stock and are custom orders possible?
Really high quality ammunition dealers will keep stock on hand to fill usual personal orders. For high volume orders additional lead time or time to fill the order after it comes in many be required. This is particularly true if you are buying the dealer’s own brand of ammunition.

Typically in these situations the ammunition dealer can provide a date for delivery of the purchase and will also work with you to avoid any possible delays for future orders.
Smaller orders for personal use should never be a problem to fill. However, just like any product, it is impossible to accurately predict when orders will be placed. A great company will contact you to let you know the detail of delay you may experience.
Custom orders may be possible through ammunition companies that make their own. This is a real time saver for collectors or gun owners that have those unusual and rare guns in their cabinet. If you have a need for a specific rare or uncommon type of ammunition try looking first with companies that specialize in ammunition sales as opposed to a gun dealer or a general sporting goods store or large chain.

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