.223 Remington 55gr Full Metal Jacket Subsonic – Remanufactured Brass
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.223 Remington 55gr Full Metal Jacket Subsonic – Remanufactured Brass


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Good To Go 223 Subsonic ammunition is designed to operate at speeds less than the speed of sound, which avoids the bullet making a supersonic shockwave or “crack” as it travels.  While this ammo is full power, it is “standard pressure” and falls within the SAAMI guidelines of 35,000 PSI, so it is designed for use in ALL 223 rifles, suppressed or otherwise and will not cause accelerated wear in your firearm.  Subsonic ammunition usually uses heavier bullets to retain as much energy and momentum as possible at the lower velocities.  GTG subsonic ammo is designed for suppressed or silenced firearms.

This cost effective 223 ammunition is loaded with Lake City brass, small rifle primer and Accurate powder along with a 55 grain full metal jacket (FMJ).  This round is loaded to SAAMI specs along with integrity and attention to detail to ensure reliability and outstanding performance.

The projectile profile may slightly vary from the picture displayed.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

50, 250, 500, 1000

3 reviews for .223 Remington 55gr Full Metal Jacket Subsonic – Remanufactured Brass

  1. Steven B. (verified owner)

    Very good communication! Quality Ammo!

  2. Adam S. (verified owner)

    Although it took 10 months to receive my order I understand that all reasons were outside of GTGs control. The main reason for the 5 stars is that during the entire time I never was compelled to message them because they stayed on to of it with regular updates. Once they did arrive they performed better than my expectations. Well done

  3. JULIO GARAY (verified owner)

    Definitely the best subsonic ammunition I’ve used so far. I was a bit skeptic at first because it’s remanufactured but after using the ammo I found that it outperformed new ammo from other manufacturers. I will definitely be ordering more. Thank you for the super fast shipping and awesome customer service.

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