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Make Sure You Buy Your Ammo From A Professional

Make Sure You Buy Your Ammo From A Professional
July 9, 2012
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There are lots of different online and retail stores to buy your ammunition. Just check out your search engine to see all the possibilities that you have. Unfortunately many unsuspecting gun owners end up buying ammunition that is simply dangerous to use. Often that ammo is very low cost, which initially makes it attractive. However, with ammo you really do get what you pay for.


Licensed And Insured
One of the first things that ammo buyers want to check for is the words “licensed and insured” on the company information. This provides you with the assurance you need that the seller you are working with has met all required standards to sell ammunition. The vast majority of these individuals are experienced gun owners and have extensive training and personal knowledge on all types of ammunition and firearms.
Some of the smaller companies that are licensed and insured may offer their own custom commercial ammunition. This is often a preferred option over the many retail brands available out there. With the license and insured component to these companies you can rest assured that your ammo is professionally crafted and manufactured each and every time.
How Do You Know?
Sometimes you may find that you are looking for ammunition, weapons or even considering taking some firearms training while you are at exhibition, trade fair or gun show. In these situations you may not have information about the company selling the ammunition right at your fingertips.
The good news is that a company that is licensed and insured will often provide that information right up front on their brochures and product information sheets. However, if it isn’t there, you can always ask. Some gun shows require all vendors that have a display or booth to be licensed and insured, which is another option you may want to check out online before you arrive.
Avoid Outdated Ammo
Licensed and insured ammo companies are going to maintain up to date stock on all the ammunition that they sell. They will remove all outdated or potentially dangerous types of ammunition. A good example of this is the corrosive mercury primers that were used back in the early part of the 1900’s. This ammunition still surfaces and is sold at a bargain price even though it is no longer produced, used or sold by retailers.
Buy American Made
Globalization has impacted all areas of our life, including the type of ammunition you can buy. Staying with a licensed and insured USA based ammunition company means that everything must meet all applicable USA laws and standards. Ammunition brought in by unlicensed or uninsured sellers from other countries may or may not meet the US safety and manufacturing standards.
This can be a serious concern for gun owners. The ammunition will look the same, feel the same and even fit your gun just like the American made option. However, there is a greater chance of defects with this ammunition that can lead to significant possibility of injury.
It is also important to avoid any ammunition that indicates it is military surplus. This is typically very old ammunition that may or may not be American made. It may have out of date materials used in the construction of the ammunition. At the very least it is likely to cause problems with maintaining your current firearm as the ammunition leads to corrosion of the barrel of the gun.
The few cents difference between buying cheap ammo from someone’s backyard and high quality ammo from a licensed and insured ammo dealer is not really a savings at all. Watch for sales, buy in bulk and take advantages of special offers to keep costs low while staying safe with all your ammo purchases.

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  1. Alice Carroll 11 months ago

    Thanks for pointing out that licensed and insured ammo dealers will make sure that they take out outdated ammo from their stores. I’ve bought my very first handgun earlier this year and I’d like to start getting used to dealing with different kinds of ammo to start learning more about this new hobby that I got into. My uncle told me that it’s good to start with 9mm Luger ammo because it’s often used by gun owners who use their guns for self-defense.

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