Doug R

Doug R
June 17, 2016 Jennifer Caylor

Scott & Jennifer,

I recently ordered 150 rounds of .41 Mag ammo and 500 rounds of 9mm. I took my S&W Model 57 out to shoot for the first time since 1982. Attached is the target, bear in mind, I havent shot this weapon in more than 30 years. The five shots in the bull and one to the left (I pulled that, it happens) are with your ammo at 45 feet. The six holes at 5 oclock were done with the 9mm ammo I purchased from you at the same distance, from a Sig P290 at 21 feet. (My wife Jeanie shot those rounds)

We fired 50 rounds thru the .41 and 100 rounds thru the Sig and the rounds performed flawlessly. I hand loaded my own ammunition for years but had to sell all of my equipment in the 80s and so I have a very good idea of how a load should perform and I am very, very pleased with the product that GTG produces. I am spreading the word.

I have been firing Winchester 115 grain FMJ and average about 3 misfires per box of 100. With GTG ammo there were no misfires and less residue in the Sig than when I fire the factory loads. As you can see from the grouping, your loads group far better than the Winchester stuff Im been shooting.

I was also very impressed with the timing from order until shipping, very good. Thanks for a good quality product that I can count on with the confidence I had when I was loading my own rounds.

Doug R.

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