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All ammunition is currently on backorder. Due to the national primer shortage, we are experiencing an extended delay in shipping orders. We want to thank you for your patience and understanding.
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David M

David M
June 17, 2016 Jennifer Caylor


This past weekend I purchased 200 rounds of 223 FMJ ammo from you. I told you at the time that I had some real concerns of purchasing ammo from a small company. I have had time to shoot all 200 rounds through my rifle and I must let you know it performed flawlessly. I started out by firing 200 rounds of PMC ammo and without cleaning I went straight to your ammo. I fired two shot and rapid fire until all ammo was spent. Not only did the your ammo perform without any malfunctions, it was extremely more accurate than the factory ammo. You have sold me on your ammo and I will be ordering more ammo to include trying your .45 ammo.

David M

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