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June 17, 2016 Jennifer Caylor


I bought 500 rounds each of .45 and .40 from you at the gun show on Saturday.

I shot 50 rounds of each today. I thought I’d let you know the ammo actually shot better than I expected and much better than any factory ammo I had with me. You told me it would…and you are correct!

It’s nice to see someone that calls their product like it is. I never had a misfire or malfunction of any type. The .40 shot very well, but the .45 shot unbelievable in my Wilson. I had some 5-shot groups from standing that were basically one jagged hole at 7 yards, and less than a 1″ at 15 yards.

This gun will stay in 3″ from a rest at 50 yards with good ammo if I do my part…but I was “not” expecting groups like that from your ammo.

Thanks again for a great product!

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